Frequently Asked Questions

Is my date available?

The best way to see if a particular date you have in mind is available is to check our calendar on the EVENTS page.

Where is SkyView at Broadway Social located?

Conveniently located in downtown Maryville, TN, SkyView at Broadway Social's main entrance resides at 101 East Broadway Avenue, Suite B, which is just one door away from Bill Cox Furniture. If  an accessible entrance is needed, we can provide more information upon request. 

What is the best way to get in touch?

Filling out the contact information form is the best way to let us know about your upcoming event. We try to reply to all inquiries within 24 hours (M-F), if you happen to fill out a form on the weekend or holiday, we will get back to you on the next business day. If we are unable to get back to you within those 24 hours, please feel free to call us at (865) 321-1191.

Where would do I park?

SkyView at Broadway Social utilizes the free parking garages offered by the City of Maryville in the downtown area. For entry at the E Broadway Avenue entrance, we advise you use the Broadway Municipal Parking Garage or Founder's Lot. For our accessible entrance on E Harper Avenue, use the W Harper Ave and N Cusick St corner lot or the Depot Lot. When valet is available, guests are asked to use the E Harper Avenue entrance.

What is event insurance and do I need it?

Just like car insurance protects you if there is an accident anytime you are in your vehicle, event insurance protects you in case there are any accidents during the event at the venue. It's a mandatory one time fee, outside of the rental amount, that you pay so that you aren't having to pay huge out of pocket fees. We can provide additional details should you require. 

Am I allowed to use a vendor that is not listed on your vendor list?

Of course! We understand that you might have a relationship with other vendors and would prefer to use them. Our recommended vendors list is a guide of additional services guests might want to incorporate, that are already familiar with SkyView at Broadway Social. 

Why aren't the hours of operation listed?

While SkyView at Broadway Social's administrative staff is generally available Monday - Friday from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, the venue is only open by appointment for private tours. If you would like to schedule a tour of our facilities, we ask that you either fill out a contact form, email, or call us directly. We would love to have you come and view our space.